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My inspiration comes from loving family, good friends and every now

and then people I happen to meet in life. The moment I look through the

lens of the camera, my main goal is to capture inner as well as outer

beauty. As I grow, I've come to learn that every individual I see in the

view finder offers a unique attraction, an original style, and I've come to

realize that each person presents beauty as I've never seen before.

Thank you all,


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Photograph Sessions
$600.00 Per subject

Sessions include the following:

-Hairstyling for photograph only.

-Cosmetic Application.

-Wardrobe and accessories

  (Temporary use for photograph only).

-4 to 6 full resolution photographs

(Given to customer in jpeg file format).

Interested clients, please message me using the "contact" tab for available appointments.

                                  Thank you.


Attention: All photographs may be used on this website for promotional purposes.

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